Veeramani Biscuit Industries Limited Popularly known as ‘VBIL’  This industry has an humble beginning. Established in 1987, at the outskirts of Hyderabad by highly experienced promoters from food industry.Having know the Consumer Tastes, with good marketing strategies, 'VBIL' made rapid growth in early ‘90s, mainly concentrating in the rural sector throughout the state, With a brand name of Rose’ biscuits very rapidly, it established a unchallenged foot hold in the entire rural sector of the state. Maintaining its quality, the economically priced products have succeeded in the uninterrupted product availability to meet its increasing market demands.

VBIL’  has expanded its product range from Biscuits to Confectionery, Wafers, Cookies and with stood the riskily competitive food Industry.By adopting the changing technologies and well equipped with latest machineries and Hi-Tech laboratories to test all products at different stages, thus maintaining high  quality product, the industry is able to reach the zenith in the business sector.

A committed management team enables the organization effectively to a chive its goals. The vision and  innovation of its Founder, Chairman, Sri D.S. Jabamany is the beacon of guidance to the entire organization.


The quality orientation of the industry is maintained through numerous training programms at regular intervals organized by the management to upgrade the skills of employees towards the ‘Objective’ of the organization. Being a prominent player in the highly competitive  Biscuit Industry, the company has established its marketing strength not only in Andhra Pradesh, but also in the neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu, Maharastra, Karnataka and Kerala.

With highly skilled management  and Fully dedicated employee force, ‘VBIL’ is strengthening year to year to reach greater heights in the food Industry. 

VBIL ensure at every step that the best product with long-lasting freshness reaches the consumer. Quality & hygiene of our products are the precursor to every process at VBIL.

Our manufacturing plants are fully equipped with modern machineries and technologies, which facilitate in imparting uniform quality in biscuits. Strict Quality controls are adapted at our plants along with the use of sophisticated packaging machines and materials.

Quality control tests are done at every stage of biscuit-making, i.e., testing of raw materials, process and post-production goods by qualified personnel at our well-equipped laboratories. Every batch of biscuits are thoroughly checked by expert staff, using the most modern equipment hence ensuring the same perfect quality.

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